Who Owns The Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas

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Who Owns The Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas

The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is owned by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. It was purchased in 2021 for $650 million by the San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority, which is a governmental instrumentality of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

Discover the iconic Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, a destination that has captured the imagination of visitors with its luxurious accommodations, innovative dining experiences, and entertainment offerings. Under the ownership of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians since 2021, this resort has continued to evolve, offering guests a unique blend of gaming excitement, artistic flair, and culinary delights.

A New Era of Ownership

The Palms Casino Resort, a staple of the Las Vegas skyline, entered a new chapter in its storied history when the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians acquired the property in 2021 for $650 million. This landmark deal marked a significant milestone, as it was one of the first times a Native American tribe took ownership of a Las Vegas casino resort. This transition promised a blend of traditional hospitality with modern luxury, aiming to create a unique experience for visitors.

Luxury Accommodations and Spectacular Views

The resort boasts a variety of rooms and suites designed to cater to every taste and need. From the standard guest rooms that offer comfort and style to the extravagant Sky Villas with breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip, there’s something for everyone. Each accommodation is a testament to the Palms’ commitment to luxury, with modern amenities and sophisticated design.

Culinary Delights

The Palms Casino Resort is a culinary haven, hosting a diverse array of dining options. From casual eats to fine dining, the resort’s restaurants are helmed by celebrated chefs who bring their unique flavors and dishes to the table. Whether you’re in the mood for an unforgettable steak dinner or authentic Italian cuisine, the Palms promises an extraordinary dining experience.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Entertainment is at the heart of the Palms experience, with venues like the Pearl Theater hosting a range of performances from concerts to comedy shows. The casino floor buzzes with energy, offering a wide selection of games from slots to table games. The resort’s nightlife is just as vibrant, with clubs and bars providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

Art and Culture

The Palms sets itself apart with its commitment to art and culture, showcasing works from internationally acclaimed artists throughout the property. This focus on art adds an extra layer of depth to the guest experience, making a stay at the Palms not just a visit, but a journey through creative expression.

The Future of the Palms

Under the stewardship of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, the Palms Casino Resort is poised for continued growth and innovation. The tribe’s vision for the property includes not only enhancing the guest experience through luxurious amenities and services but also committing to community engagement and sustainable practices.


The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas stands as a beacon of luxury, entertainment, and culinary excellence. With its rich history and promising future under the new ownership of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, the Palms continues to be a must-visit destination for those seeking the ultimate Las Vegas experience.

Who Owns The Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas

Local Casinos vs. Online Casinos: Which Offers the Better Experience?

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Advantages of Local Casinos

  • Social Atmosphere: Land-based casinos offer a lively social scene, with other players, dealers, and the buzz of the casino floor.
  • Immediate Payouts: You can walk away with your winnings without any waiting period.

Advantages of Online Casinos

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The Verdict
While local casinos have their charm, online casinos deliver unparalleled convenience, game selection, bonuses, and the freedom to play your way. If you’re looking for a truly flexible and rewarding way to engage with casino games, online platforms often make the winning choice.