Casino In Bristol

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Casino In Bristol

In the context of casinos in Bristol, it’s important to clarify the location. Since Bristol is a city that straddles two states. Virginia (VA) and Tennessee (TN). This unique geographical situation means that when discussing a casino in Bristol, the distinction between Bristol, VA, and Bristol, TN becomes crucial.

Casinos in Bristol, Virginia

The most notable project in Bristol, Virginia, is the Hard Rock Casino Bristol. This is a significant development in the area, promising to bring a range of entertainment options. Dining experiences, and gaming opportunities. The casino is part of a $550 million construction project at the site of the former Bristol Mall and is slated to open in July 2024. Upon completion, the Hard Rock Casino Bristol will feature a 90,000-square-foot gaming floor with 2,700 slot machines and 100 table games. Alongside five restaurants and four bars​.

Casinos in Bristol, Tennessee

On the Tennessee side, information specific to a casino directly within Bristol, TN, is limited in the provided material. Typically, casino gaming regulations differ significantly between states, which can affect the presence and operation of casinos. Tennessee has historically had stricter gambling laws compared to Virginia. Which is why might influence the availability and type of gaming establishments in Bristol, TN.


The development of the Hard Rock Casino Bristol in Virginia is a major highlight for the region, representing a substantial investment in entertainment, gaming, and hospitality. It underscores the evolving landscape of casino entertainment in the area and its potential impact on the local economy and tourism.

As of now, the focus remains predominantly on the Virginia side for the Hard Rock Casino Bristol project, with its comprehensive plans for gaming, dining, and entertainment set to make it a major attraction in the region upon its opening in 2024.